SF Writers in Alaska and Yukon

Here are links to speculative fiction writers living in Alaska and Yukon. I’m included home town and speculative fiction genres. My hope is that writers will hook up with others in their area or writing the same genre. I’ve included only those who have web pages advertising their work. If you’d  like to be included regardless of if you have a webpage please contact me.

Allison Martin Whitehorse. YA fantasy. Novels.
Arne Bue Anchorage. Lost worlds, thriller, YA. Novels.
Basil Sands Anchorage. Thriller. Audiobook recording. Novels and short stories.

Bill Swears Peters Creek. Apocalyptic, zombie thriller. Novels.
Bonnye Matthews. Wasilla. Paleoanthropology fiction. Novels.
Boone Brux Anchorage. Paranormal romance. Novels.
Cindy Pendelton Illustrator.
Claire Eamer Whitehorse. Fantasy, science fiction, YA. Short stories.
Dana Stabenow Space opera. Novels.

Dani Harper Sitka. Paranormal romance. Novels.
Dani Haviland Fantasy, fairy tales. Novels.
David Marusek Fairbanks. Science fiction. Novels and short stories.
Don Reardon Bear Valley. Apocalyptic, thriller. Novels and screen plays.
Eowyn Ivey Magical realism. Novels.
Falcon Storm Fantasy, fairytale. Chapter books.
George Guthridge Dillingham. Alternative History. Novels.
Ian C. Esselmont Fairbanks. Epic fantasy. Novels.
Jackie Ivie Paranormal romance. Novels and novellas.
Jerome Stueart Whitehorse. Science fiction. Short stories and comic strips.
John Straley Sitka. Mystery with mythological elements. Novels.

Kris Farman Kenai Peninsula.Historical fiction with fantasy elements. Novels.
Kriss Morton ak Cabin Goddess. Fairbanks. Reviews.
Kelly Doherty Eagle River. Science fiction, fantasy. Novels, short stories, and poetry.
Libbie Martins Fairbanks. Poetry.
Lizzie Newell  Anchorage. Science fiction, social science fiction, science fiction romance.  Novels and short stories.
Lauri J Owen Eagle River. Epic fantasy, alternative history. Novels.
Lucian Childs Anchorage. Literary science fiction. Short stories.
Marcelle Dube Yukon. Fantasy, steampunk. Novels.
Maxine Mansfield Erotic fantasy romance. Novels.

Meredith Skye. Fantasy. Science fiction. Novels. Fairbanks.
Michelle Magly Fantasy, science fiction, lesbian. Novels and short stories.

Miriam Matthews Paranormal romance, vampire romance. Novels.
Morgan Grey Magical realism, fantasy, science fiction. Short stories and novels.
Morgan O’Reilly Science fiction romance, space opera romance. Novels
Patricia Robertson Magical realism. Short stories and novellas.
Rebecca Goodrich Anchorage. Arthurian, magical realism. Novels and short stories.
Sara King Space Opera. Novels
Sean E Thomas Mystery with alternative history. Novels.
Stefanie Tatalias Anchorage. Fantasy. YA. Novels.
Sue Ann Bowling Science fiction. Novels.
Tam Linsey Dystopia, science fiction romance. Novels and short stories.
Tielle St. Clare Erotic fantasy, erotic science fiction. Novels and novellas.
Tricia Brown

Velma Wallis Native legends. Novels.
Violetta Rand Historical romance with fantasy elements.

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